Elephnt BINGO

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How to Play

Everyone loves the classic BINGO, so now we’re giving you BINGO Elephnt Group Style! Play along at home throughout the week using the board and descriptions for each box below. If you get BINGO then you have the chance to win! Check out ways you can submit your BINGO board below.


-Post an image of the board on your Instagram page, use #ElephntBingo & #Sweepstakes, and you can either mark each box with a “X” or share the numbers that gave you BINGO in the description.

-Tag us an image of the BINGO board by using @ElephntGroup and #ElephntBingo & #Sweepstakes, and you can either mark each box with a “X” or tweet us the boxes that gave you REALO.


B1: Share a status posted by the Elephnt Group to your page.

B2: Like our Elephnt Group Facebook page.

B3: Post a short video of you listening to music by either Al Harris or Ceej.

B4: Ceej or Al Harris posts a bible scripture.

B5: Subscribe to www.ElephntGroup.com.

I1: Share the “100 Blessings” video on your Facebook page and tag @ElephntGroup.

I2: Purchase “Heavy” merchandise from www.ElephntGroup.com.

I3:  Tell us why you love Elephnt Group using #ElephntGroup on social media.

I4: Quote a line from an Al Harris or Ceej song.

I5: Name at least one guest performer at Ceej’s album release concert.

N1: Mark this off when you hear the word “Elephant” in any context not pertaining to Elephnt Group. Be ready to share the story!

N2: Do you have a selfie with Al Harris or Ceej? Post it using #ElephntGroup.

N3: Purchase your copy of “Heavy”.

N4: Mark this off if you see Al Harris or Ceej go live on Facebook.

N5: Mark this off if you see any podcast interview with Ceej or Al Harris being shared on the Elephnt Group page.

G1: Purchase “SOHR” merchandise.

G2: When you see Al or Ceej post a free verse video, mark this spot.

G3: When Al Harris or Ceej posts about their family or friends (non Elephnt Group related).

G4: Purchase “Fit For a King” merchandise.

G5: Purchase Al Harris’ new single, “Let Him In”.

O1: Is Al Harris or Ceej performing today? If so, mark this spot!

O2: Subscribe to the Elephnt Group Youtube channel.

O3: Did Ceej help record a music video for someone this week? If so, mark this spot.

O4: Have you seen Chad in a video this week? Mark this spot.

O5: Follow us on Instagram.