Fit For A King

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

Sometimes we can easily fall into deep depression and regret over our past, but Al Harris didn't allow his past to be a hindrance. Instead Al used his past as a launching pad into his future!

Al Harris ministring songs from his latest album "FIt For A King". Purchase today

Recap from a recent interview with Fox

"He said the project doesn't shy away from speaking the truth, but the goal is to bring hope for those who want to hear it." Harris said, “The Lord has given me the gift and instead of using it to tear down and destroy I can use it to build up and up and lift up. And that's what I'm here doing, and that's what I'm gonna do through my music “Fit for a King.”

Harris tells us, the tracks on his newest mix tape were born of his own story, one that hasn't been easy. But Harris said he uses that time in darkness to warn others about what not to do, and tries to direct them to something better. “So with this music I believe I can speak their language, I can speak something that they can get in tune with and when they hear it and it makes them want more, and with that they get positive teaching.”

Others are taking notice.  Jordan Easler owns Speaklife Studio in Spartanburg and helped produce Harris’ mix tape. “I think it’s real positive.  I think there are a lot of guys who aren't really talking about much anymore, there's not a lot of content.  I think it really can impact people and I think I can bring purpose to a lot of people’s lives.”

One of those teens it's reached, is Nick Rosemone.  He said he was on a dangerous path, doing things he shouldn't.  When he found a new way.  And Harris’ music has helped him.

“When Al raps, it touches me because some of the stuff he went through I have gone through, seeing some of his homeboys die, I've seen some of my homeboys die.  When you listen to his music you don't want to go get revenge because it touches your heart and tells you a different story.”

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